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Never understood why dads and corny jokes were a thing. I did notice it's a mostly true thing.

But I understand today. Asked my four year old what an 8 is. He doesn't know so I enlightened him that it's a zero with a belt.

Lost. His. Shit. He's just mastered numbers and letters and this was hysterical to him. I'm the funniest man alive. He's told the joke back to me about twenty times. Today.

Teenagers, this is why dads tell those jokes. They're chasing the indescribable high of this moment with a little kid. I found them cringeworthy as a teenager, but I get it now.


I assume that things like “a huge compilation of X” is useful, but then I’m reading smth like http://dallery.gallery/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/The-DALL·E-2-prompt-book-v1.02.pdf (a comprehensive catalog of DALL-E prompts and results) and it’s kinda boring and I have no idea how to use it.


re/ saying “his name” etc by default:

I like Scott's writing but I raise my hand whenever I see a single instance like that. When I was a girl imagining myself as a scientist, I necessarily put myself in a man's body (to make the picture look right). It took me years to realize I was doing that. So I am into supporting this change.


Apparently some blind people can echolocate. Not sure tho.

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Doesn’t matter though.


My opinions are impermanent? Even strong ones, like about ads or Lime scooters.


To get more developers on board DirectX, Microsoft approached id Software's John Carmack and offered to port Doom and Doom 2 from MS-DOS to DirectX, free of charge, with id retaining all publishing rights to the game. Carmack agreed, and Microsoft's Gabe Newell led the porting project.