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🇺🇸 Heart of a Dog (2015) ❓

A movie by Laurie Anderson. It had some nice bits and I don’t regret watching it. Same feeling as with Virginia Woolf — she’s a nice person to hang out with. I wish she would talk about her dreams more (like at the start of the movie).

Not 100% sure I would watch another (if she ever makes another), but possibly yes.


🇩🇪 The Devil’s Drivers (2021) 👍

A documentary about driving illegal workers from Palestine to Israel. I liked it and I feel much more concerned about the Israel–Palestine conflict than I used to.

Israeli agents actively recruit informers, causing ripples of suspicion throughout the community. Soldiers pressure Palestinian villagers to erect blockades on their property or face the penalty of having their homes destroyed.


🇺🇸 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) 🆗

I went because I like Dr Strange, but the movie was meh:

  • Everybody either can’t die (protagonists, random pedestrians) or dies incredibly easily (a ton of random superheroes).

  • The music follows “something good is happening on the screen / something bad is happening on the screen” closely.

  • Jokes when you don’t kinda want them.

  • The whole one-uppery (in an Avengers movie half the universe was threatened, how do you top that, well, how about ALL UNIVERSES are threatened).

Maybe I should watch the first Dr Strange though.


🇰🇷 Parasite (2019)

It was alright/entertaining but somehow.. didn’t leave a mark on me? Hard to describe.


🇩🇰 Reconstruction (2003)

A menacing looking guy sees a pretty woman in the subway and runs away from his girlfriend. Both his girlfriend and the pretty woman alternate between recognizing and not recognizing him.

Also the guy might be fictional but it’s hard to say.

One of those movies that feel like a dream. Too hazy for me.


🇷🇺 Generation P / Поколение «П» (2011) 👍❓

A weird Russian movie about… well, the post-Soviet advertising/capitalism boom in Russia, but also drugs and magical realism.

We watched it with a couchsurfer from Iran and a lot of things were tricky to explain.

Probably the closest Russia has to American Gods.


🇬🇧🇫🇷 The Father (2020) 👍

Anthony Hopkins (Westworld, The Silence of the Lambs, etc) and Olivia Coleman (Peep Show). Charming British accents.

It literally just shows “how dementia feels from inside”. The focus is on dementia, not on the moral dilemmas of everyone around. It’s really good, and feels like a theatrical play. I enjoyed it.


🇺🇸 Free Guy (2021) 😡

A fun mixup of The Matrix and The Truman Show and something about AI but I’m not sure what.

Somehow, this is also the worst part about the movie — it’s.. disrespectful? I felt roughly like “How dare you take all those nice ideas about AI and simulations and so on and put them into a random action/comedy flick that you forget the moment you go out of the theater”. Still fun though.


🇸🇪 Border / Gräns (2018) 👍

A woman who can detect guilt/shame by smell works as a customs officer and helps catch smugglers.

…And after a while the movie switches to not being about that at all. Weird characters, weird atmosphere. One of the few movies that I would hate to have spoiled before seeing it.


🇩🇰 Another Round / Druk (2020)

A movie about four Danish teachers who decided to maintain a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

Sounds like a fun premise but it quickly devolved into misery and (not super interesting) psychological stuff. I didn’t want psychological stuff. I wanted a fun movie.


🇺🇸 Dogma (1999)

Alright but meh.


🇩🇰 The House That Jack Built (2018) ❤️

Also by Lars von Trier. A story about a murderer, but shot in a “yay, murdering!” way with David Bowie’s Fame playing all the way through. A bit similar to The Shining but less serious. Awesome narration (I love movies with narration).


Manderlay (2005)

A sequel to Dogville, but neither me nor Rita liked it as much.


Dogville (2003) ❤️

A movie by Lars von Trier. The biggest feature was the theatre-likeness — everything is happening on a set, buildings’ walls are drawn on the floor, there is darkness around. I don’t remember the plot but I feel like the plot doesn’t matter.

I really liked it.