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πŸ‘πŸ‘ Sushi Go Party!

  • Easy to learn

  • Quick to play

  • Strategic

  • Lots of rule modifications out of the box & they are very easy to execute

  • 3–6 players, we played w/ 4 and w/ 5


πŸ‘ Azul

Played with Olga et al, it was nice. Catan is better but Azul is easier and I feel like it’s also possible to get better at it.


πŸ‘ Catan

Nice! It’s a strategy-ish game with luck involved, and it seems that it’s possible to actually get better at it.


πŸ†— Loonacy

Similar to Dobble but easier because there are only two images per card (and instead there are several piles). Works alright for 3 people but is somehow unsatisfying.


πŸ˜’ The Resistance: Avalon

I tried it in a hostel and with unenthusiastic people it really doesn’t take off. With enthusiastic people it might work, but people also need to actually try to do social deduction. The first time I saw The Resistance (though not Avalon) was at a board games meetup in Krakow and people were just playing instead of playing-to-win, which made the game actually harder / more random.


πŸ˜’ Block Out!

Easy but takes too long and doesn’t go anywhere. Maybe we just didn’t read the rules carefully enough, though.


βœ… Saboteur

Also nice! Playing with a map means less time will be spent figuring out the game, though. Which is good. Gimme a map.


βœ… Codenames

This was nice.


πŸ†— Dobble

A reaction game. Not too fun and makes people be really loud. Tried at a meetup w/ 12 people.


πŸ†— Dixit

Tried at a meetup w/ 12 people; we had split into teams of two. It was ok but too long.