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🇬🇧 Peep Show (2003) 👍

It was good but I got bored / lost interest at season 5.


🇬🇧 Black Books (2000) ❤️

Since I already mentioned it, might just as well add it here. It’s about a bookstore-owning Irish guy who seems to exists in two states: either he’s drunk, or he’s in a bad mood and very likely wishing he was drunk. Both states are very relatable. Also he has cool hair.


🇺🇸 Rick and Morty (2013–ongoing) ❤️

I love watching witty alcoholics (cf. Black Books) and… actually no, that’s it. That’s literally the only box to tick. I thought there were two boxes but I rewatched some bits from Rick and Morty and there’s just one box basically.

Well, and also I’m glad to watch a sitcom with sci-fi-ish plots because almost all other sitcoms I watch are family/workplace sitcoms.


🇩🇪🇺🇸 Unorthodox (2020) 🆗

A Netflix mini-series (four episodes) about a weird girl who runs away from an Orthodox Jewish community. It’s supposedly a drama, but a big part of the show is Pulp Fiction–esque adventures of two slightly funny and slightly unlucky Jewish guys in Berlin.

Almost everyone from the Orthodox half of the cast seems to either have a miserable life or be an unpleasant person, and I like watching pleasant people with good lives. On the other hand, I am richer for the experience of having watched it, unlike e.g. King of the Hill or whatever.


🇺🇸 Family Guy (1999–ongoing) 👍

Family Guy is usually seen as “The Simpsons but with dumb jokes about farts and violence”. This is incorrect, even if true.

Family Guy — unlike The Simpsons, or South Park, or King of the Hill — is spiritually about 50% Monty Python. (There is also a resemblance of a plot, yeah, but it doesn’t matter and shouldn’t distract anybody. The South Park creators who think gags are lazy writing don’t get it.)

One of Monty Python’s tropes is “insane man, or several insane men, is taken seriously by a sane world”. An example: The First Man to Jump the English Channel is literally about a man who tries to jump the English channel (and then eat a cathedral, etc). What happens is absolutely what one would predict in real life.

I’m used to writers trying to somehow marry their ideas with the plot. THERE IS NO PLOT. There’s this whole build-up, news coverage, etc, a discussion of the Channel, and then the guy just jumps half a meter into the water. Or bites the cathedral and breaks his teeth. “Peter, remember the time you tried to eat a cathedral?” could very well be from Family Guy — but not The Simpsons.

A different example is “the number of the counting shall be three” from the Holy Grail. In addition to “insane man is taken seriously”, it also employs “it’s funny when something goes on for longer than you expect”. Expect based on what? Based on how writing is conventionally done. Monty Python doesn’t care about doing “good writing”, they want to violate your expectations. This means that characters, plot, etc all go under the bus.

Family Guy does absolutely the same. Stewie asking about Brian’s novel. The whale forklift scene. A random chicken fight that goes on for several minutes. Baba O’Riley. It’s not funny and not supposed to be funny. It’s absurd. I don’t laugh during those moments, but I genuinely appreciate them and find them memorable.

A feature of Family Guy that goes even further than Monty Python did is that they often do the most directly obvious, dream-logic-style thing. Examples:

  • Peter discovers that Stewie (his baby) laughs when Louis (his wife) is hurt. So they throw her in the trunk and drown the car.

  • A non-violent example: “I guess I’ve lied before”, says Peter. Cut to him telling a taxi driver he lives in the White House.

  • Stewie doesn’t like a movie, so he goes to Los Angeles, punches the director, then goes back home.

  • Peter says “I bought a breakfast machine but it was a rip-off”, and we cut to the breakfast machine that just goes ahead and shoots him. It’s dream logic: what’s a rip-off? when you pay money for something that violates your expectations of a good product; so it either completely breaks/disintegrates when touched, or does something completely unacceptable, and the simplest unacceptable thing is being killed so let’s go with that.

In conclusion, I guess it’s an alright show.

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Okay though, The Simpsons also has some “brutal dream logic” stuff, e.g. “Homer Simpson, report for much worse duty”


🇯🇵 Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) 👍

Hard to describe. It seems childish (?) at first but then gets better and weirder. The downside is that there are a bunch of teenagers in the show and they are really annoying.


🇯🇵 Death Note (2006) ❤️

Cool characters, amazing soundtrack. Gets somewhat confusing by the end but still feels like one-of-a-kind thing.

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The tv series is my favourite,

I don’t think I liked any of the film sequels

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Wait, are the films sequels? I thought they were remakes

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Wrong word. I meant to say remakes.


🇦🇺 Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun (2020)

An absurd sketch show. Feels a bit like Monty Python, but less serious. I watched only one episode so far, but I think it’s going to be great.

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Update: watched another episode and something’s wrong. It feels a bit.. tasteless? Or too silly.

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Yeah, haven’t gotten back to it after the first two episodes.


🇬🇧🇺🇸 Patrick Melrose (2018) ❤️

A five-episode series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. (Oh look, I managed to type his name correctly on the first try.)

Patrick is a British, upper-class, drug addict. The series fits forty years of his life into five hours. Somehow it has a similar quality to Feynman’s life — vivid, but not overly vivid. Not enough to become unrealistic. There is no plot other than “Patrick wants to make his life better”, but it’s not a slice of life either.

I liked it a lot and would rewatch it in a year or two.


Sex Education (2019) 👍

Love the continuous trope-breaking.

Also love the characters, but hate that there are so many of them. There are N plot lines and whenever a pair of characters resolves a problem, immediately some other pair of characters gains another (equally bad) problem. I would still keep watching it if another season comes out, but it’s tough.

Also, if they expand on the whole “wanting to do therapy is actually a bit abnormal” thing they mentioned for three seconds (!) in the third season, I’ll be really happy.


Money Heist (2017) 👍👍

Still watching the first season, but it’s pretty nice. Feels like Ocean’s Eleven done right.

Update: finished the first season, there were too many plot twists but overall it was great.


Westworld (2016) ❤️

God I love it. (Not the third season though.)


Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) 👍

Co-creator of Seinfeld playing himself. Like Seinfeld and SNL — a bunch of absurd social situations played realistically. I don’t know if it’s specifically New York humor or who knows what, but I really like it.


King of the Hill (1997) 👍

I expected something like Beavis and Butthead, given that it’s also by Mike Judge, but it’s actually a surprisingly clean and sometimes touching show. Feels like a more mature version of Simpsons. Only watched two seasons so far, though.

Also, feels really good how they made the protagonist (Hank Hill) an overly stereotypical conservative but also a reasonable person:

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Alright, it started getting worse by the end of the second season. Unrealistic and kinda like the Zombie Simpsons.

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Ok, I gave up after the second season. The first one is still good, though.