Latte art 🌷

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Got into home espresso this year.

Thinking of doing a latte art class in my area. Wondering if I should see if anyone wants to go, or go alone. Go alone means I can pick a date and maybe go on a Friday when other people work. Go with others seems more complicated to pick a time but then it’s a chance to bond.

Why latte art? Something very pleasing and soul settling when you get a nice coffee with a tulip from a cafe. I want to reproduce that, and yes to some extent show off if visitors come.

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What’s the necessary minimum (in terms of equipment) for making latte art at home? I’d want to try but I don’t have a lot of money to spend.

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@artyom it’s a hard question to answer because it depends how true to a cafe experience you want. I would say the minimum to do it comfortably with good results is probably a sage/breville bambino for $299 on the US I think. You could take a chance on a cheaper machine that has a steam wand.

you can buy preground coffee but for a good experience a jxpro hand grinder which I think is about $150 would help a lot.

it’s not cheap! On the other hand many people spend $5k on the setup so compared to that $450 is reasonable and it’ll make damn good coffee.

the cheapest plausible thing at all might be a French press to foam the milk, some way to heat milk like microwave, and a mokapot or aeropress. There are some YouTubes on these ways but it’s a real hassle and won’t taste quite the same but in theory (!) you could do the art.

And remember this is a hands on hobby like golf so expect a lot of frustration and crap coffees when you start, and to spend a lot of time. Just warning as some people already have “too many hobbies” to quote a friend!